Reward Loyalty

Revolutionize your business with a digital customer loyalty program offering tailored rewards, customer engagement, and actionable metrics.

Why StampUp

Customizable Rewards Program

StampUp offers a digital stamp collection loyalty program with customizable rewards and branding, enabling businesses to tailor their rewards to match customer preferences and drive repeat business effectively.

Easy-to-Use App

The platform boasts an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface for both businesses and customers, simplifying the process of collecting and redeeming loyalty rewards.

Insightful Analytics

StampUp provides detailed analytics that help businesses understand customer behavior and preferences, allowing for targeted marketing strategies and improved customer engagement.

What We Offer

A powerful loyalty & marketing platform

for your business

Drive repeat business and increase sales

Loyalty programs can boost revenue from customers who use them by 15-25% annually. (Queue-it, 2023)

Gain insight to purchase behaviour and customer details

Access a statistics dashboard efficiently displaying key metrics to measure program success and engage with consumer data.

Stay front-of-mind with Push Notifications and SMS

Our loyalty platform allows you to communicate directly with your loyalty members through Push Notifications and SMS.

Get Seen By New Customers

Our Explore feature allows users to discover your business and see rewards you offer, neatly positioning you for increased business.

Pricing Package

Popular Pricing Packages

Free Plan

$ 0.00
  • 100 Users
  • 1 Reward Option
  • 1 Admin & 3 Staff
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Customizable Stamp Card

Basic Plan

$ 499
  • 1000 Users
  • 3 Reward Options
  • 1 Admin & 10 Staff
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Customizable Stamp Card

Plus Plan

$ 999
  • Unlimited Users
  • 5 Reward Options
  • 3 Admins & 25 Staff
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Customizable Stamp Card
What We Do

Paper Cards are out

Contactless Loyalty is in

Our simple loyalty app allows your customers to collect loyalty stamps and redeem reward vouchers, completely contactlessly.

Easy Setup

Custom Rewards

Clean Design

Smart Insights

Screenshot Prev

A Good Loyalty Program Needs A Good Look

Team Members

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Tracy Lau


"Tracy Lau, with her innovative vision and strategic approach, has steered our company to new heights. Her leadership fosters a culture of excellence and growth."

Deon Visser


"Deon Visser, our CTO, is the tech genius driving our platform’s evolution. His expertise ensures our solutions are cutting-edge and user-friendly."

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Enhance loyalty with StampUp. Experience the benefits of an engaging, personalized program. Click for more client success stories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers can collect stamps by presenting their unique QR code within the StampUp app at checkout, which the business scans to assign the appropriate stamps to their account.

Setting up your loyalty program on StampUp typically takes just a few minutes. You’ll define your rewards, and we’ll handle the rest, getting your program live swiftly.

StampUp offers a free plan for the first 100 users of any new business. Click here for information on our pricing & plans for our punch card app.

StampUp is suitable for a wide range of businesses, from small local shops to larger chains, including restaurants, cafes, retail stores, salons, and more.

Rewards can be tailored to your business and may include:

Complimentary products or services.
Discounts on purchases.
Digital vouchers for external services.
Unique experiences or classes.
Special perks like upgrades or early access to sales.

Using StampUp offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Direct and instant communication with customers.
  • A user-friendly platform, eliminating physical card hassles.
  • Enhanced customer retention and interaction.
  • Seamless integration with existing business systems.
  • Diverse reward options for customer milestones and loyalty.
  • Access to valuable customer data and insights.

Yes, StampUp’s program is designed to work across multiple locations, allowing you to manage a unified loyalty system for all your branches.

Yes, StampUp allows for customization to ensure the app aligns with your brand’s look and feel, providing a consistent brand experience for your customers.

Absolutely, StampUp can facilitate a network-wide loyalty program for businesses operating under different banners, creating a cohesive customer experience.

No, StampUp is not a social networking site. It is a platform designed to help businesses create and manage digital loyalty programs and engage customers more effectively.

While StampUp does not offer a free trial, we provide a Free Plan for the first 50 users, allowing businesses to utilize the core features of our loyalty app without cost, ensuring you can start building customer loyalty right away.

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